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Soldiers' Settlement Public School P-6

Soldiers' Settlement Public School P-6

Respect, Responsibility, Learning and Safety

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About our school

The school encourages traditional educational values by: rewarding effort and achievement; encouraging the striving for excellence at each individual's level; and fulfilling of potential across academic, cultural and sporting areas.

The programs being implemented to achieve this are diverse and engaging.

Literacy is dynamic with a diverse set of programs to encourage high achievement.  Higher order thinking is promoted so students develop skills in not only how to read and write but learn about a social purpose for reading and writing.

Numeracy achievements are explicitly supported in each classroom where basic facts are taught with expectations required at the the end of each grade. Hands on activities are supported with a language approach to numeracy and quick recall of learned facts. We were only one of two public schools in the eastern suburbs to finish in the top 100 of the Australasian Maths Olympiad.

Positive Behaviours For Learning are the emphasis in promoting student achievement.  A unique merit system is evident and widespread

Technology is a feature of the school where a class set of wireless notebooks are found in the primary, each classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard for immediate access to engaging tools for teaching, two computer rooms and class computers.

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