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Anti Bullying Policy

The school revised its antibullying policy at the end of 2011 for implementation in 2012.  Explicit social skills to support this policy are taught from preschool through to year 6 each term.  Each stage determines outcomes that they will report on to parents about the social skills. For example the term anti bullying is explicitly taught through Bounce Back the following

Stage 3

Decision Making:Makes informed decisions and accepts responsibility for consequences

Interacting: Acts in ways that enhance the contribution of self and others in a range of cooperative situations.

Problem Solving: Suggests, considers and selects appropriate alternatives when resolving problems

Stage 2

Decision Making:Makes decisions as an individual and as a group member.

Problem Solving: Uses a range of problem-solving strategies.

Other related social skills that link to anti bullying may include Personal Health choices, Child Protection and Friendships