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Your Parents and Citizens (P&C)

What is the P&C?

P&C stands for Parent and Citizen Committee – this also includes grandparents, guardians and carers of children.

What does the P&C consist of?

It is formed by the parents and citizens of the school.

The executive positions are; President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Uniform Shop Coordinator.

The Principal is also in attendance and provides a report at each meeting.

Most schools have a canteen that is run by the P&C. The canteen at  Soldiers' Settlement Public School is NOT a P&C run canteen. This is run by a private company after a tender process and therefore the canteen, the running of it and any issues related to it, do not come under the jurisdiction of the P&C. Please take all enquiries directly to the Principal.

Who holds these positions?

The parents/community members who currently hold these positions are;




Claire S.

Vice President

Nicola F.


Olivia A.


Lin E.

Vice Treasurer


Uniform Shop Coordinator

Paula S.T.

What do you mean currently hold these positions?

Like any committee, these positions are elected annually. Each of these positions will become vacant at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held in March each year. Nominations for each position will be called and if more than one is received they will be voted for by those present.

What does the P&C do?

The P&C meets on a monthly basis to assist the school in their fundraising efforts and in raising the profile of the school in the local community. All funds raised will go back to the school for much needed resources that will benefit all children - including yours. Parents and local citizens come along to the meetings and offer their thoughts and opinions for each item on the agenda. This helps to guide the committee in their activities for the year. The Principal will also offer advice as to what the needs of the school are and will liaise with the teachers to ensure the P&C and the school are working together in a strategic manner and that the P&C has the support of the school staff.

Why do parents need to be involved?

Without parents, the P&C is not able to function. We welcome all parents (Including those at the pre-school) to participate in the P&C meeting. The more parents that come along the easier it is to have all opinions and thoughts canvassed. Do not feel that you have to stand for the executive position to be able to come to the meeting. We need everyone there to vote for whom you want to lead the P&C for the next year.

This is also a very good venue to meet parents of children in other years and to get involved in your child's school. You will have a better idea of how the school runs and to have input into the activities that occur for your children.

When are the meetings held?

Currently the meetings are held once a month on Thursday mornings.

Where are the meetings held?

The meetings are held in the Library at the school.

What time are the meetings?

The meetings commence at 9:15 am until approximately 10:15 am.

Why are the meetings held at this time?

Traditionally this is when the meetings have been held. From time to time, we will ask parents what time will suit them best suit them to attend. We then make a decision at the meeting as to when we will meet. If you have a particular request, please let the President know.

My child attends Pre-school, am I able to attend?

Absolutely! The pre-school is an integral part of the school and we welcome all parents to attend.

Will I have a lot of work to do if I attend the meetings?

We will ask for assistance from parents for activities according to what we are doing. If you do not have any spare time, you will not be forced to do anything extra. It is really important to have a large cross section of parents attend so that we can get a broad view of parent opinions. If your involvement can only extend to attending meetings and you do not have the time to do anything more, we will understand that and value your input.

Likewise, if you are not able to attend meetings, and have time at home that you can spare for P&C activities, we welcome your input.

We want as many parents as possible to be involved in the school and its activities.

If you would like to know more, please email the P&C at for further information.

Thank you.